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Two klipsch academy black sell or trade chicago

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Yes! Two black academies! Chicago $300 each. 

both have crites titanium tweeters and crossovers. Great working condition being used as side surrounds. 

here is my dilemma:


I am rearranging my media room and another set of floor speakers makes more sense. So, as much as I always wanted a third to try as LCR, I wanted to feel you guys out on a sell or trade scenario.

sell both?  Sell one? Trade both for quartets or forte iis? Trade one for single forte ii or quartet?

they are great and I wish I could just stash. Message for more pics Or details



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I hope this helps at least a bit...


I have tried Quartet mains and a Popbumpered (he was a member here) Academy center for home theater and found I preferred three Heresies across the front but only by a small margin...of course I would say that's not exactly a fair comparison as three of the same speaker should sound better than two and a different center...


Another reason for the preference of the Heresies was that I felt with running a sub that I was wasting the lower end of the Quartets (over the Heresies) because I had a sub for those lower reaches...


as to running three Academies should you get another...that would sound very nice if you have a sub for the lower octaves (I assume you would)...


as to running floor standing speakers...I see the logic in doing this as I have a smaller, second HT system and use RB5s atop speaker stands but if I had a second set of Quartets I would probably prefer those (as they have speaker stands built in so to speak ;) ) to the RB5s on speaker stands (my speaker stands are home made cheap stands and not the expensive type many members here use)...


now to price...depending as always condition, it would seem to me that your price for Academies with the Bob Crites additions, that is a nice price for the ChicagoLand area...


all that said...my choice for what you describe (if I understood you correctly) would be for Quartets (or similar) mains and one of your Academies for center duty...


hope this at least helps a bit or someone else sees it and responds with more info...good luck with your choice



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Thanks bill!

im thinking I’ll just delete this thread and list then locally one at a time unless I can find a third.

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