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Klipsch Cornwall 1?


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7 hours ago, Limberpine said:

Will the existing capacitors have their value on the side of them? Or will I need to open them up to see the values? 


other example >>> 2MFD = 2µF on grey klipsch original métal box capacitor and 15µF on White Sonicap




And other example >>> 2µF on grey klipsch original métal box capacitor





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Loosen and retighten all the connections on the buss bar. If they are sitting on smooth hard surface use furniture gripers on the bottom. I would recommend Crites kit for update on crossovers. I dont think Cornwall 1s had removable grills so that may have been updated. The woofers may not match but are ok. Make sure all drivers work by putting towel in mid horn to hear tweeters and cover tweeters to make sure mid driver works. Replace gasket on back panel if it looks bad. 

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On 2/27/2021 at 7:09 AM, JanMan said:

I've just acquired a pair of '78 (S) Cornwalls.  What is the batting material used inside the cabinet?  The back cover doesn't appear to ever have had a gasket and I wonder how necessary one would have been? 

The batting lining the cabinet is likely intended to reduce cabinet vibration. 

Air, like water and electricity, takes the path of least resistance. With the large port on the front of the Cornwall’s a gasket around the rear access panel wouldn’t make much difference. Air would exit through a wide open port, not squeeze through tiny gaps around the rear panel. 

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