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Okay right out of the saddle I admit these are not Heresys or Klipsch speaker!!!  It is a fun build though.


To start off the box is bigger (31' H x 16" W X 15.5" D. (3.4CF box)  Used 7 ply "plywood" which is 3 center plys of plywood and two plies of mdf on the outside.  The stuff is HEAVY!!  I think it might be called MDO????


Heresy woofers I had didn't have matching T/S parameters  so I bought two Eminence Delta 12LFA woofers with 56OZ magnets from PE which are a perfect match for the cabinet size using a 4" x 2.5" port with rounded front edge per PE's suggestion. These woofers tested right on their factory specs and have greater x max and power handling  than K-22s along with 2.5" voice coil.    Installing rope caulk on the tweeter and mid horn with braces for both horns. 


Midrange is K55 (yes Klipsch!) on an 8 x 12 plastic horn.  Tweeter is a plastic Klipsch Tractrix screw on horn with EV tweeter driver.


Crossover is Type E (yes Klipsch!) recapped with Sonicaps.


Speakers will be installed from the back.  Back is 3/4" thick as well with numerous screws for the two window pane braces.  


Two window pane braces per cabinet.  Cabinets are clamped with wood screws  at every joint.  Ribbon mahogany veneer  with 1.75" risers.  New grill frames with neo magnets hidden under the veneer.  Back is veneered as well.  I plan on trying some old style Klipsch black grill cloth on the  masonite frames.


6 coats of wipe on poly wet sanded and then waxed with 0000 steel wool and minwax finishing wax.  Smoother than a babys butt.


Don't know if I can move them when I get the innards installed but I do have a dolly.  








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I actually plan to sell them if someone is interested. 

 Got speakers installed in one tonight and used the Type E network with the old tin caps so I can see how they sound compared to new caps (either PE caps or Sonicaps). I installed another mid driver tonight to check it against the K55 when I install the guts in second speaker. Couldn’t  crank it in my shop b/c too late

 The EV tweeter on the tractrix horn sounde very smooth an effortless and matches the mid very  well. Had it sitting on rolling work bench 30” off the floor in middle of shop so couldn’t tell much about bass on woofer which isn’t broken in. 

I installed rope caulk on all speakers to deaden resonance. Finished the hand robber wax with 0000 wax including the back. 

Might  consider crossing in EV tweeter around 4500 Hz and roll off the K55 at 6db.

Anyone have schematic for that?








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Thanks for the compliments guys!


Ended up just replacing the 2uf caps on the Type E network with Sonicaps.  Applied rope caulk on back of all speakers, installed convoluted foam  in cabinets and finished grill frames.


Really like the Eminence 12LFA woofer.  It is stout and clear.  EV tweeter driver is on a  KPT-1201 Tweeter horn which has 100 x 100 degree dispersion and it sounds more open and less harsh   than the K77 tweeter  probably because of the tractrix flair.   




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as always you do such beautiful work but I do have a question to ask and it is not just directed at you , I see lots of great diy projects and no one ever stops to see the advantages of placing the mid horn at the top of the baffle with the tweeter below and above the woofer. this helps get the mid up closer to seated ear level and buys you some absolutely free time alignment between the mid and the tweeter at zero penalty all drivers remain within the 1/4 wave baffle placement rule. I have mentioned this many time and the feeling seems to be that this would somehow just look wrong and that makes no sense. Yes it will look different but it will also sound better at pretty much no cost except for the sensibilities of some folks who don't live and listen at your house. I know why manufacturers don't do this but as a very diy crowd folks should at least experiment with this configuration and see just how much possible improvement is possibly available to them. Some may well like what they hear.

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Never thought of doing that.  Interesting idea.  Has anyone ever tried this to see any difference from traditional alignment????


Got these finished and will post in the Garage Sale section.


Got another regular Heresy rehab going now with mottled eucalyptus veneer.

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There are all kinds of speakers designed this way for this reason, more two ways than three because uninformed consumers who are convinced "that can't be right" and manufacturers decide it is easier to go with the flow than to spend time and money to educate and have a "funny looking" speaker on the market. Take any typical small two way with a dome and flip it upside down and listen or you can lay it on its side with the dome to the outside to gain the extra distance same results. Even with a three way you are still within the 1/4 wave distance rule so there is no penalty only bonus.


Speaker TalkMunich High End 2019: Loudspeakers - The Absolute Sound

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