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K-33 vs peavey sp-1 (pics)


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It IS an Eminence woofer that uses the same frame that a K-33-E uses, made in 1979.  That does not mean it has anything else in common with a K-33-E.  In fact, it may have been used as a direct radiator as is typical of Peavey. 


Look for an ink stamped part number on the cone and call Eminence to see what it really is.  Ask them, but I'd guess it could be reconed with a K-33-E kit and become one. 

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My FH-1s came with Peavey BW 1504-4 woofers.  All I could find said they all did.  It was tough and could be reconed in the field in about 5 minutes.  BUT, .... harmonic distortion at 100 Hz and be!ow exceeded the fundamental. 


A K-33-* should work beautifully in an FH-1, maybe it is a K-33 c!one? 

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