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Looking for Audio Help.


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I'm looking for some help selecting parts for a desk audio setup. I have a budget of $800 USD (Soft limit) to $1100 (Hard limit). I don't particularly care if the speakers are powered or not, but It would save some hassle. I'm looking for at least a 2.1 setup, and am Impartial to surround sound- Whatever you think will be the best expereince, I'll go with. The budget is for all needed components, including speaker stands, amps/dacs or ac receivers, ect. For the color scheme, I'd prefer something like what klipsch does- Copper and black, but I don't particularly care about the color, as long as the colors are mostly neutral (Black, grey, white, ect.)  Here's a draft of what I'm thinking for some possible setups:



-Klipsch The fives powered speakers (pair) ($800)/Audioengine A5+ (~$500)

-Klipsch Sub-100, or similar sub ($200-$300), May go with more expensive sub?

-Cables: (>$50)



-Klipsch RM-41(P)M (2 pairs [Costco has the M's on sale for $89.99/pair, and I can pick up PM's for as low as $250/pair, but I think I'll need a receiver, so I'll probably go m's) ($180-$500)

(Alt option: Two RM41m's, two towers)

-Klipsch Sub-100, or similar sub ($200-$300)

-5.1/2 or 7.1/2 receiver ($300-$500)

-Stands: ($100) (maybe less, I need two if I wanted to go true surround with two in the back, but I could also just have a front radius)

-Cables (~$50)


-Klipsch RM-41M ($180)
-Klipsch 250c or related center channel ($150-$250)

-Klipsch Sub-100, or similar sub ($200-$300)

-5.1/2 or 7.1/2 receiver ($300-$500)

-Stands: ($100 or so)
Thoughts? Recommendations?

If you need any more information, please ask for what you need, I'll get back to you. 

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I'm not following very well.  A desk(top) system has to be smaller.  Yet, you mentioned towers. 


What do you want to do with it?  Do you want to watch movies?  Stream movies/music?  Computer audio? 


A 3.1 system would yield the biggest bang for the least space and cost.  You even could add rear speakers later. 

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