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Fall project


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Since I sold off my super heresy 2way (heresy box, big Faital horn) I had wanted to recreate it with some improvements. 
box is ported... think tangent 5000 but better. 
biggest horns I could muster... Faital eliptical tratrix horns. 
Eminence lfa12 to harm... getting into mid 30s. 
drivers are Radian on mids and B&C for hf. 
Alk cornscalawal to round it all out. 
Box had front baffle and rear back plate dadoed into place. All fasteners are 1/4-20.  Super stout. 

bass is really tight and digs low. Bass output is comparable to a Forte3 and mids/hf as good as the cw4. 

best part is it fits in the room. Though the lf is rated at 94db.  I was playing really happily with 3 watts.   




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Thanks everyone. I think this idea... cornscala with a heresy woofer has been explored before... tangent 5000.  
the 12” seems significantly faster than my ported 15. Goes deeper too.  I went cornscalawal as I like my low end a bit romantic.  I’d bet these would be very articulate with an ap12.  Alk has made an ap12-800 for me before that’s set for the 12lfa/k22. 
common thinking would say it’s weak spot would be lf. That hasn’t been my experience. I had to pad the mids a great deal -17 or -16 as I recall.  Turning the mids and the hf down was what was needed for my room and tastes but as Dave reminds me... I like the hf mellow compared to others. 

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7 hours ago, justinsweber said:

common thinking would say it’s weak spot would be lf. That hasn’t been my experience. 

"Common thinking" may say that, but I have used that woofer (based on your suggestion a few threads ago) in three (don't ask) Super Heresy and they punch WAY above their weight class. It will be my go to 12" for quite a while.

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