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Designer series


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 do you have any pictures of the speakers , that would help us identify the correct model , but in all cases , It's a Heresy , so  K77-either round or square tweeter  -K55V  midrange , -k22 woofer ---E network ----

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16 hours ago, Rparker996 said:

My bad I was referring to decotarer series

There are small differences I believe in the decorator series and the original heresy. In some years of the decorator series had alnico drivers some say Alnico are preferred some say they make no difference. My decorator's that @Rooster42 now owns had gold labels on the back of them I had never seen that before they also had the Alnico drivers in them and the crossover was a "D" not an "E". I actually prefer the look of a raw birch cab with no grills that the decorator offers.

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