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Vintage Amplifiers from thriftstore


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On a hunch (gut feeling), I went to the local thriftstore and was very lucky. I found a champagne  Marantz PM350 (1981). I hooked it up to my 1972 Heresy set. Lots of potential, but there as a cracking sound in the right hand channel when changing the volume and the balance. I still had to do some errands, so I bought a spray can of Deoxid. After opening, taking all the dust away and then applying deoxid on all contacts and pots, and rca connectors I am now in audio heaven.


  • What I like a lot about the Marantz  PM350 is the mini equalizer for bass, mid, and treble. A perfect companion for the Heresy speakers. 
  • Sound: warm and bright at the same time, lots of power in the bass!
  • Excellent phono stage!



Marantz PM350: €12 ($14)

Can of Deoxid: €6.5 ($7.5)






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