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VTA ST 120 Rectifier failure


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6 minutes ago, brl0301 said:

A latino amp in triode is running each of the power tubes as triodes but in a push-pull configuration. In a push pull amp, each of the power tubes amplifies etther the positive or negative portion of the signal and then the two halves of the signal are combined again at the output transformer. In a single ended amp, the positive and negative portions of the signal are amplified in the same tube, preventing some of the distortion that occurs in a push-pull amp from when the two havles are combined again.  

That's kinda what I thought. That makes sense why my single ended amps sound different. 

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On 1/5/2021 at 7:40 PM, MechEngVic said:

I'm this close to getting a single ended, just to have both sides of tube-ampery: A PP and a SE.

ever since I build a single ended amp, the PP has been mostly collecting dust. Only time the PP gets hooked up is when I need some extra volume. Where in Socal are you? I have a few different single ended amps you could listen to to push you over the edge

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