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Corona Virus Disease/(SARS-CoV-2) II


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It occurred to me that the largest source of transmission at SBux is the handles on the milk/cream pitchers.  Everyone touches them.


This moring at Sbux  I pointed this out to the fellow who dutifully wiped down the service tables with the pitchers, stirrers, and sugar. 


He said that management told him not to wipe down the handles because customers don't like using the wet handles.  


IMHO this criminal idiocy.



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3 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

I think I will have to start taking this seriously.  I just went to a couple of stores and for the first time in my life I saw an entire aisle, both sides, empty shelves. 

I don't think there is a roll of toilet paper or paper towels in this town for sale.

bags of dried beans ... gone

peanut butter ... nearly gone

canned goods ... dwindling

saw three people shopping wearing masks. 

it is starting to resemble those news clips we see of third world countries where store shelves are empty.

it is twice as bad as yesterday.  Today, the store was packed and everyone had carts that were full to the brim.

I had to laugh as the cashier asked the old man in front of me, "did you find everything okay?"

I kept quiet, but wanted to say "there isn't much left."

She told me that they just closed all the schools for a month.  feel sorry for those financially strapped that can't afford childcare. 

those of you from hurricane country have probably seen this type of behavior before ... but it's new to me.


I went out the first day that the CDC said "our lives will be disrupted"  I am not brilliant, this just seemed like something serious and then I watched foreign news and realized that it was time to move.  Our goal was to build up a stock and then maintain it until it was time to hunker down.


Last night was the time.  We went out at about 8PM. 


Asian store, no rice and many items just gone, but no craziness.  Just some empty shelves. 


Then we drove to the Winco (great store if you do not have one).  At 9:15 PM the lot was packed. Store was packed too and shelves empty on many goods.  All bulk items almost gone.  We managed to get more peanut butter (the good stuff with the oil on top that you have to stir - I grabbed the last 6 jars), and bunch of spices, some meat, flour and sugar (last two bags).  We only found yeast in an area where nobody saw it.  I even found some paper towels and Toilet paper.  Store brand, not Charmin, but these are troubling days and I figured that we should have it.  This final top off of our stock cost more then we usually spend in an entire month for groceries. 


After getting home, cleaning everything and showering, got to bet at 1AM. 


two lessons to take away. 


1  We have been extremely prepared and kept having to go get more items.  We forgot some stuff last night.  Here is my instruction to my wife, get a lot if it will last.  You will regret not buying it later.  Seriously, if you think you need something, just buy it.  Better to have it than regret it later.   We had a miserable time (we apologized as we were leaving for what we would do later when we were cranky) and do not want to go out again. 



2.  We wore gloves and masks.  My wife is Asian so I followed her lead.  I used surgical masks and stapled the sides to custom fit to each of our faces before we left the house, eliminating the problem with air intrusion in the sides.  If anyone in the store thinks this is funny, my attitude is @#$! you, I don't care.  However, if you plan on doing this, you need to practice as it is hard to do.  Take a glove of to get your wallet, can't put it back on because you need to blow in it to put back on.  Now you need to put the groceries in your car and not touch your face all the way home.  Ask me how I know...


One final item.  I really feel bad for the workers.  This is going to be painful for paycheck to paycheck people.  I remember how bad the great recession hurt and really do not want to see this.  This really sucks. 




2 hours ago, BigStewMan said:

read earlier today (from some British website) that the British government likes the idea of :"herd Immunity."  basically, let people get sick because the more people that have built up immunity that is less people that can spread it.   Pretzel Logic?   What's the difference of letting most get it now opposed to most eventually getting it?  



I just went outside and dented up my truck with a sledgehammer.  Can't wreck it now! 



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I think we're missing a creative solution.  


As you may know, shaking hands is dicouraged.  What we should do is put a squirt of Purelle on our hand and then shake hands.  We'd be speading decontamination rather than contamination. 


Now, what we need is anti-viral lipstick so we can smooch away the contamination.


Yup, we're going to lick this problem.



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@tigerwoodKhorns  glad you explained it all out. I was wondering what you did with your bank card and car keys. I was thinking how it is virtually impossible NOT to have contact with others (indirectly).  The bags that our groceries go in, we don't know who touched the item on the shelf before us, etc... I have some sanitizer in the car, so when I get back to the car I clean my hands and car key. I'm still astounded to watch people going through the store rubbing their nose with their hands. 

I read something interesting a few minutes ago. Some have been questioning the 3.8% death rate (since so many aren't tested) so the cruise ship Diamond Princess was studied.  The ship was studied because EVERYONE onboard was tested, so now they were dealing with a "known.". The death rate there was 0.05% (which is less than influenza) sadly the article didn't say what percentage of the crew & passengers tested positive -- that would be number that I'd be interested in knowing. 


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There is a special circle in hell for people who undermine a perfectly good point of humor.


The supply of hand cleaner is coming with the millions of test kits the federal government has promised.


In the mean time we need an easily dispensed conglamoration of soap and water.  


Watch for for the run on Barbisol.


The Stooges had it right. "Shaaaving Cream, Shaaving Cream."



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