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Corona Virus Disease/(SARS-CoV-2) II

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1 hour ago, richieb said:

I’m curious,

Pfizer Covid vaccine to be produced at Massachusetts  -

along with sites in Saint Louis, Missouri, Kalamazoo, Michigan, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, and Puurs, Belgium, according to a statement from Pfizer.




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12 hours ago, richieb said:

I’m curious, assuming you get a yearly flu shot do you have any idea of the manufacturer? Or care? Or have ever asked? Or if by chance it is made in the US? (although this is doubtful)

They give you all of the information, the manufacturer, lot number, and date of expiration. 


This year is a quadrivalent for 4 nasty strains. You can get it in recombinant (no live virus) or cell based, preservative free if you want it egg free (influenza and yellow fever vaccines are primarily grown in eggs, but they offer alternatives for those who have egg allergies), super doses for people over 65.


Mine for that last several years have all been from USA, Wyeth for example, and all from PA, the vaccine production capitol of the world. 


There are a lot of people in health care that don't have a choice about getting the flu vaccine. This year in MA college students have no choice about getting the flu vaccine. 

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"Both variants are ones to watch. That means not relying on S-gene dropout alone to screen. And we can't stop at genomic surveillance, we also need to prepare to act. Same tools - vaccination, testing, masks, community mitigation - new urgency." Catlin Rivers, PhD, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security discussing the tracking and detection of the "UK" and "South Africa" strains.

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