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Corona Virus Disease/(SARS-CoV-2) II


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9 hours ago, parlophone1 said:

On top of Corona virus, we had three bad earthquakes this morning. Last one more serious than this was 140 years ago.

First one was 5,5 Richter, second 5,0 and third 3,7.

There is a lot of damaged buildings. 




Yes I saw that on the net, here in France the TV info does not talk about it, because it loops on the CoVid 19 and it is a shame. I hope it goes for you, we think of you.


Croatia is such a beautiful country, beautiful landscapes and cities !




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6 minutes ago, Randyh said:

he probably , has a house with filtered air , and it's own air supply , definitely , not a commoner , as we are --

No, he put these stickers all over his property



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