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Fresh start

jason str

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I got a DBX Venue 360...


Pretty excited about it. Just taking forever to get anything done.


It does 96Khz has analogue and aes3 digital inputs. JWC uses these and seems happy with them. I would have loved to have got one of them with a Dante connection on it, but the've dropped them already. The licensing probably was too high.


Young man... hehe, those days are behind me now. How are things on the left coast?

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36 minutes ago, Marvel said:

Young man... hehe, those days are behind me now.

I sometimes get comments on my attire, which I admit some of the items still think it's 1970; but I spent eight hours in traffic school sitting next to this cute gal that looked to be about 20 or so. At the end of the day, we're waiting for the course completion certificates and she says to me, "I like your style ... most men your age,   oh, I meant most men older than me ..."  I laughed and told her that she's already called me old. 

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Don't feel bad .. a few years ago, I was leaving work. Got in my truck and headed out. When I got to the far end of the parking lot, I saw a truck identical to mine. I panicked and said to myself, "I don't remember parking all the way out here, who moved my truck?"  then I realized that I was driving my truck at the time. 

oh well ... 

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