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crossover replacement capacitors


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I'm looking for the following capacitors to repair MCM-1900 crossovers. I would appreciate if someone has these parts or knows of the best option for replacement, I would appreciate it if you let me know.


Thanks for your time


W41A1070E01    70 UF 100  60 HZ 90C        AEROVOX
W45A1013E21    13 UF 100V 60HZ 90C        AEROVOX



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4 hours ago, Marvel said:

Nice system! Is this going into a club?


The MWM cabs are no fun to be moving around. Great sound, though...

That's no joke. I have four single MWM's right now I am thinking of making into a three way and those singles are far easier to manage.

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My MWMs were for a theater, so there is no trim or handles. Slippery and not much to hold onto.


53 minutes ago, Jeff R said:

I have two single MWMs available if anyone is interested in a purchase.


Where are you located?

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