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Juicy Music Tercel II Questions


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I am getting ready to sell a bunch of my stuff. One of the items is, I believe, a Juicy Music Tercel II phono tube amplifier, but honestly it has been many years since I got it, and I don’t know if that’s the correct name, nor do I know if it has that one option (which I also don’t know what that was called... maybe the “Cream”  LOMC option) or how to determine if it’s installed. 

Here is a picture of the inside, so hopefully someone can let me know.






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I had one. The option was for a LOMC (low output moving coil cartridge) it was called Cream. W/O option 2 MM inputs w/Cream 1MM and 1 MC input. I forget how it was labeled on the inputs. Give us a photo of the input RCA jacks.

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I didn't think Mark "marked" the inputs but...
Does the manual have any addendums addressing the Cream option? Lots of juicy folks on here with schematic knowledge but I am not one of them. I googled Tercel II with Cream and found several photos 'under the hood' perhaps you can compare.

Or perhaps a test. Connect a TT to one input and listen then connect the same TT to the other input. Is it the same?
If using MM cartridge and both inputs sound the same then no Cream
If using LOMC then input one (I assume that is MM) would be distorted and input 2 clean.
You get the idea. 

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So, as I searched around, I came across this thread... and the last post was from me, 8 years ago. According to myself, this is a unit with “cream”:



I do notice that at least 2 of the yellow caps are obviously much larger/higher quality than other interior pictures I ran across.

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