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Forte ii Crossover Rebuild Question...

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I’m picking up two pair of Forte ii’s for my new Klipsch HT, and am interested in replacing the crossovers. The seller has two two Bob Crites crossover kits, and had planned on buying them (at a discount) but now I’m not so sure....I’ve watched YouTube videos and have seen different things....

Video 1 — it looked pretty doable for someone like me who isn’t handy... it seemed that he just pulled out an existing board, cut out the caps, soldered new cap in and hook everything back up...


Video 2 — it looked like the crossover board was small and on back of the speaker connects... he had to build an entire new board and bypassed the original... This is  probably beyond my modest skill set, I don’t even know how to read schematics for electronics....


So.... which is it for Forte ii’s....?  Easy or not so easy...? 


Dave P.


PS - I feel horrible, I called CritesSpeakers... I didn’t know it was his home number... his wife scolded me for calling “after hours”... 

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Forte “1” is built on the back of the terminal cup, the forte ii is on a pcb.

The ii is much simpler to do yourself. 

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