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For Sale: Klipsch KLF-20/30 Ports


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31 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

never seen these before on sale -GLWS

Thanks!  I like to keep it fresh!!! 


Well, I don't know how many pairs of speakers I purchased over the years where you have that annoying one random thing missing... like a port, a speaker foot or the jumper strips for the crossover!

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  • Iteachstem changed the title to For Sale: Klipsch KLF-20/30 Ports
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I just joined the forum today so I am unfamiliar with how to purchase from here. I need one- I bought a generic one from Amazon but would prefer an actual one. paypal? let me know. I definitely need one or if you want to sell both I'll take both

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How about $15 for both ports plus whatever the ridiculous shipping amount will be?  I sold the KLF 20 woofers a bit back, but I do have 4 of the KLF 30 woofers if you are interested in those...


Let me know.

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Lol, money is not the point. Thread crapping another's garage sale is.

There is free stuff you could post in this section if you want to.

Your own sale thread.


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