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Speaker recommendations for Denon 3600


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Hi AV gurus,

I am a a noob in home AV and after being burned with several Sound bars (and moving into a new place) i am finally looking to set up a proper AV system. 


I just picked up a denon 3600 since it was on sale for 799 + tax. 


For speakers: 

I was originally looking at Jamo since it is affordable (sale price of 599 plus tax)

and the speakers are:

  • S 809 Floorstanding Speakers (Pair)
  • S 83 Center Speaker
  • S 801 Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)
  • J 10 Subwoofer
  • Plus the atmos upward firing fronts, these will be additional


Now, I noticed the Klipsch reference premium, and I can have the following for about 1300 plus tax. I will need a couple of rear speakers as well :


Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-440

Klipsch Reference Premiere Atmos RP-280FA


Klipsch R-112SW 



Any direction will be helpful.


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The 280Fs are great speakers, along with the 440 for the center channel.  I do think that one 12" sub is not going to be enough in the end, but you may start with one, and add another later. It'd be much better if you could do a 15".  I would not go for upfiring speaker.  I tried it and thought it was complete snake oil, as do most others, a complete waste of money.

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Just as a small note:

The RP-280F/FA are great speaker, in every way. They sound phenomenal, also thanks to their size. I still love mine😀

So I would couple them with the biggest center possible. For them it's the RP-450C. I definitively wouldn't go for a smaller one together with the 280's.

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