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Decware SE84C Zen Triode?

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On 4/18/2021 at 1:32 PM, oldred said:

I think I understand....But I have to say I think you are going to be disappointed with the Sunfire....I have one (TGA 7201) sitting on a shelf with my not in use gear. I was not impressed with the difference between the current / voltage. While it was a decent home theater amp. As a 2 channel amp for music it just seemed lifeless. I also had a problem with calibration on my SR 8015. I kind of went through it again using the Audioholics guys methods with a few changes. I also added a separate amp for the front channels. I feel that I am getting closer to perfection. I plan on looking to add the Decware to my 2 channel system in different room...again after I hear one. Like I said I think I understand where you are coming from.



Which speakers are you running in your future Decware system?

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About the Sunfire: 

The guy actually brought it over and let me test in my system, so we were able to compare it with the Jolida (with new tubes that are just breaking in). 

The Sunfire was exceptional in every way. It had more detail, tighter bass, wide, wide soundstage, but...the highs were a bit grating for me. Perhaps it's an amp better paired with some silk dome tweeters. 

I decided not to buy it. I could probably eq the harshness out with MultEQ, but after replacing all the tubes in the Jolida, I now understand how "Klipsch love tubes." I've finally experienced the "holographic" depth of the soundstage, the detail, the smoothness, the fullness...it was really helpful to have a second set of seasoned ears to reduce subjectivity. 

The Sunfire is a phenomenal amp, and at $500, it was a steal. But at this point, it wasn't worth it to replace the Jolida. 

For the moment, I think I'm satisfied. After dropping $400 on a full compliment of Gold Lions and letting them break in, I'm really enjoying the lush sound. 

...but I do now find myself trolling the NOS Mullard and Tunsgram reviews on Upscale Audio's website at night... :D


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On 4/18/2021 at 7:01 AM, oldred said:



What kind of sound are you looking for? 

The reason I'm replying is because I too am looking at Decware lately. Been looking at reviews...and YouTube videos

You seem to be looking for some distinctive type of sound. Everything has a different type of sound.

My Mac system sounds different to my Marantz ....Which sounded different then my Yamaha MX

I haven't heard the Decware yet....but I will before I place an order.

I have always been a solid state guy...Then a buddy bought a Prima Luna....It blew me away as to the detail at low volume levels..

Like I asked  earlier....What are you looking for?



I get it now. 

Previously, I simply thought the point was to get my system to a superlative level of sound quality--one where I was truly satisfied with what was coming out of my speakers. 

This was the motivation for buying the Cornwalls, then replacing my Onkyo receiver with the Marantz receiver. Had I understood how to properly set up and operate the Marantz at the time,  I would have been more than satisfied with that. I thought I had set it up correctly, but it seems I had a bit more to learn. But since I didn't know that, I thought the answer was to get a really good two-channel amp, which led me to the Jolida 3502P with new tubes. 

Everything happens for a reason. 

So here I am, with both, and enjoying both. I love the detail and the warmth of the "Marantz sound," and simultaneously, I love the completely different experience of the "tube sound,"--the depth, the smoothness, the fullness, yet still detailed (and the amp looks truly cool on top of my rack--let's be honest). I think I get it now. One isn't necessarily better than the other. Just different qualities. Like listening to two different guitars. 

This is a good place to stop for now. 

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