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*No longer needed* WTB 2.0 uf film & foil capacitors


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3 hours ago, cheric said:

Not trying to start a big discussion about the sound quality of the caps but would it make a significant difference to go from Sonicaps to Jantzen Alumen Z Superior caps.

Well, that's purely up to you as to what you can hear and like in the circuit, but the manufacturer states that those values are specifically made for tweeter and midrange positions.   Personally, I have not been a fan of Sonicaps as I feel they are somewhat bright.  I have been using the Jantzen Alumen caps for over a year.

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42 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:


Just fyi when I asked DeanG what he'd recommend (prior to trying Sonicaps), this was his recommendation:




Looks like they're on sale for a good price right now, too. 

That is a good price for them. Sure, give them a try.

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22 hours ago, wuzzzer said:


The question I have is, what difference in sound will I experience by replacing the Sonicaps I bought from Bob with these?

I replaced Sonicaps with those in a universal type build, and I think they sound much better. Of course, everybody's system and ears are different, so what works for me might not for you.

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