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EPI 200C speakers - SOLD

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These are not speakers that you see come up in Arkansas a lot, for sure. This is a great pair of EPI 200C speakers that have beautiful Walnut veneer cabinets, new foam surrounds on the 8" woofers, new 16uf Clarity Caps in place of the originals, rewired the insides with new 16ga speaker wire, and added new binding posts which allows you to use banana plugs, spades, pins, or bare wire connection. I also built new speaker grills and covered them with new grill cloth so they are brand new, basically. One of the original grills was broken as it's 40 year old particle board and crumbly. One grill was ok but the cloth was kind of ragged so I stripped the cloth off and used it for a pattern to make new grills out of 1/2" MDF and painted them flat black before the new grill cloth. They also have their original grill emblems.


The original passive radiators are in great shape as they have rubber surrounds. These speakers sound great and are ready to plug and play with NO work needed. The original wiring is still inside the cabinets zip tied in the upper section where the stock potentiometer is located, which has been bypassed, as they are kind of worthless. I also have the original speaker plates that you can have for the slim chance anyone would ever want to put them back on. You won't find many speakers that will best these in sound quality for this price without spending $1,000+. Read some reviews on them and you will see others feel the same.


Below is a link to the Human Speakers website. These were the last iteration of the 200 series which most feel are the best with the highly upgraded, and costly to R&D, passive radiator. The speakers are 30 1/2" x 17" x 11" and weigh 58 pounds each so these aren't lightweights.





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