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Burglary story too crazy to make up. Nice tattoos too!

JL Sargent

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1 hour ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

They’ll probably charge the home owner with manslaughter by ‘’entrapment’ and there will be protests calling for mandatory burglar safe windows and defunding of police.

You forgot to add "sue the window manufacturer".  There was no warning sign advising that windows closing on your neck can cause permanent damage or death.

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2 hours ago, Gilbert said:

He was a good boy, never meant anyone no harm.  All he wanted to do was make a little extra money for his Christmas gifts list.

Then they will show a picture of him when he was 11 years old, mostly to make the window look guilty, it's a media thing. 

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6 minutes ago, JohnJ said:

You guys have got this covered.

Straight Up FATE!

in spades.


I agree.  Karma....well, we all know what it can be.


Looks like he was simply an inbred punk....  not to sound harsh but I've got no issues with his self-dispatchment.  Don't let the (coffin) door hit you on your way out.



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45 minutes ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

He was framed.


True story:  Years ago (20) brother in law had a kitty called "Scat".  Scat the cat could do no wrong in his eyes.


Well, turns out one day, Scat the Cat came home.....and had some feathers literally stuck to his whiskers.  Brother in law, literally as serious as a heart attack, said there's NO WAY that (his special cat called Scat) would EVER attack, much less....eat a bird.


Scat the Cat was sitting in front of us, feathers stuck to his lips.....brother in laws next words were "he was framed"


My wife & I just burst out laughing at how absurd that was.....brother in law sat there with focused, innocent look on his face until I think he realized just how stupid that sounded, then he laughed with us.


He always had a problem thinking that Scat the Cat would ever attack a bird/mouse other.  His Scat was special.....

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22 minutes ago, babadono said:

Another one* bites the dust.


* = POS ,hopefully who had not polluted the gene pool yet.

Have you?

Genetics might not be the culprit here.  Just sayin...sometimes it is sometimes it isn't, but the actions of progeny don't always reflect the progenitors.

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