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what finish do I have


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I know I am risking "dumbest klipsch b-boarder of the year" honors but can someone tell me what wood and finish I have on my k-horns?...as a color blind and organically-challenged individual I am not sure what wood is used for my k-horns...I can tell you it is not laquered, varnished or, seemingly to me, oiled in any way, just natural wood, what type? I don't know...you can see them by clicking my "house" Icon above...thanks, Tony

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If you post the identification from the label on this site, someone can probably help you figure this out. Klipsch indicated the wood and finish on the id tag glued to the speakers someplace (on the bass horn I believe).


John P

St Paul, MN

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You can expect most oil finishes will darken the wood some. If you want to ensure the color doesn't darken the wood (or darken it the least), you should try a clear polyurethane. It should be available in flat, satin and gloss finishes.


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Tony, the look of your speakers says that the original owner already stained and sealed them, presumably with tung oil.

I am the original owner of mine, and I stained and sealed with tung oil, too.

DON'T use tung oil to polish them now.

Go to the grocery store and pick up some lemon oil furniture polish.

Rub 'em down once a week with this stuff. If you haven't been doing this (probably ever) then you will notice them sucking that stuff up pretty fast. Feel free to baby them. Do it every day for a week until you think they're happy.

And they will thank you for it, with happy warm satisfied wood vibes (not sonic, mental) for your loving attention.

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