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are height and /or atmos speakers worth it?


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Presently I have 3 modified bells for fronts, two forte II's with upgraded xovers for sides and 2 quartets for backs.    The quartets and forte II's are slightly elevated already.  I have a Sunfire TGP 5 (7channel) for my preamp that took a dump on me.  Center channel is out ( scratchy and no volume)  I replaced it with a Marantz AV 7706  which has the extra 4 channels for height speakers.  I'd have to buy the height speakers and amps to drive them since I currently just have a sunfire TG 400x7 amp.   I was just wondering if the height speakers would really make that much difference.  I do no gaming at all and moderate movie watching.    If anyone wants the TGP5 to repair or what ever it is in very loose hands.  Don't even know what it would be worth.

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That's a very impressive 7 channel speaker list you have there, I'll bet that sounds wonderful. If you watch a lot of movies, and want that immersive sound experience, it might be a good option to add the height speakers. Would they be easy to mount? You might not need an additional amp for the Atmos speakers.

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One time, I remarked to my daughter that our surround system sounds better than the TOTL theater and surround system we had just listened to at the local top dollar theater.


She replied "Dad they have that giant theater they are trying to make sound good for every seat, we just have our little living room to worry about".


She was in band and had lessons all the way through school.


If you like the way your system sounds, I would leave it alone.


Each new speaker is the probability of something going wrong, times all of the probabilities of problems from every other speaker, component and piece furniture either summed or multiplied. It's been a long time since I had stats;  in a misguided fit of de-cluttering gave away my stats book.


Summed or multiplied, it's a big number.



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