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Fox Heresy

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So a co-worker tricked me into entering to money pit that is high end audio equipment a couple months ago, and unfortunately I'm getting hungrier and hungrier for upgrades everyday. It all started with him selling me his Heresy III's (he built himself some amazing La Scala clones) and I started slow on the equipment. I grabbed a decent  turntable (Pro-ject debut carbon EVO) as vinyl was my main focus initially, and then settled for an Emotiva TA-100 to put it all together. Within a week I had ordered an Emotiva 8" subwoofer to help fill out the low end, but it's not exactly filling the void as I'd hoped. I've spiraled uncontrollably since then, and now the set up has removed the TA-100 for a Schiit Mani and a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated. I just added a Bluesound Node 2i for Tidal streaming, and now I feel like the sub is a real weak link. The Heresy III's sound amazing solo, but without a sub I feel like I'm definitely missing something on the low end, but the Emotiva sub - though warm in tone and surprisingly fast- just doesn't fill the void properly. 


Does anyone have experience with similar equipment that has a good recommendation for a fitting sub? I'd prefer to not spend more than about $500 if possible - but if there's a specific sub that you know would fit this system perfectly I'd be open to any recommendations. I'd really prefer to find the right sub to balance everything out so I could start focusing on actually listening to the music and quit focusing on what else I need.


Also, all RCA's are from Mogami and the speaker wires are Audioquest Rocket 44's


Thanks in advance,


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO -> Schiit Mani / Bluesound Node 2i -> PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated -> Klipsch Heresy III's 


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^^^^^ 👍


Carl, @CECAA850, that’s a reasonable question.  I hope the answer is yes.  My brother in law is an extremely talented professional photographer, but handy he ain’t.  


While trying to connect a phone to a land line, he called several times for advice.  Each time I reminded him there are two wires, they can be connected either way.

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2 hours ago, CECAA850 said:

Can you DIY as in build something?   If not used will be then next best bang for your buck.

That is something I may be interested in try down the road, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin building an active sub. If the PrimaLuma were able to actually drive a passive sub, I’d be more that happy to give it a shot.

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I use a pair of Velodyne DD10, in bottom of homemade 4 post stands, Heresy are on top. 1,250 Watts each, max. They’ve never made it to 15%! 


in general, sealed cab, front firing, Pair, good name brand. Be sure the plate amp is in good shape if buying used, hence the name brand.

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