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Tweaking(not like that)


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Long story short, About a year and a half ago I upgraded my AVR in my man cave from a Onkyo NR-656 to a Onkyo TX-RZ840 and have never been happy about the sound. It just never sounded as rich/full as the 656 so I messed around a bit and got it to sound decent but still found it lacking. Current set up as follows,

Front Channel Speakers Klipsch R-28F    (Bi Wired) Full Band--Towed In 
Center Channel Speaker Klipsch RP-440C 80Hz
Dolby Atmos Front Height Speakers Klipsch RP-140SA 80Hz
Side Channel Speakers Klipsch RP-240 80Hz
Rear Channel Speakers Klipsch RP-240 80Hz--Towed In (may change this)
Subwoofer Front Klipsch SPL-120    
Subwoofer Rear Klipsch SPL-120    
Bannana Plug Connectors    
12GA Oxygen Free Copper Wire  


My listening/movie area is in the  basement with fairly low 7ft ceilings and lots of sound treatment to eliminate rattles etc and is pretty quiet. I've ran the auto EQ function a few times but again it never sounded that great so I took some time last night to tinker. I started by selecting a choice album that I've heard a hundred times (Pink Floyd-WYWH)to see if I could tell any differences after tweaking a setting on the AVR and listening to the same track again. I grabbed a notebook so I could list my original settings and note each change I made. I selected Welcome To The Machine cranked it up and got to it by making only one small change at a time and focusing on one speaker group (I like all channel stereo when playing music) I was able to hear each group finally come alive. I adjusted the EQ, Distance, and Treb/Bass and little by little the music came to life as I was beginning to hear sounds wiz past my ears that I never knew were mixed in!! I thought I'd heard everything there was on the album but I was wrong, so after making the adjustments (probably spent 4-5 hours tweaking) I had to listen to the entire album start to finish again and it was like hearing it for the first time. I was happy how it sounded so I threw in DSOM and Meddle, the difference is night and day now. I may lower the side and rear speakers to get the horns to the same height as the towers horns and see how that sounds. I may wait a little as I plan to purchase some RP-8000F's soon to replace the R-28's. To everyone who is new or seasoned it pays to take the time to tweak your system's settings, I never had a chance to see PF live but can tell you that after adjusting everything last night it "felt" as if I was there......LF

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