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Denon AVR-X4500H power capabilities


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Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum and was hoping for some advice or guidance. I’m buying a Denon AVR-X4500H and using it to power a 5.1 Klipsch system (504C for the center channel, 8000F for front L & R, and 5000F for surrounds). I will likely be adding 2 5000F towers for the rear surrounds as well to take it to a 7.1 setup. My room is about 11 x 21, but I only utilize about an 11 x 11 square for the system. It’s an open floor plan so the right side is open, but unused. It's also opened at the back. I’m trying to build this system with an eye towards a more dedicated space in the future and so while I know the Denon can handle well beyond 7.1 (especially in a small space), I’m planning on eventually adding 4 Atmos speakers and perhaps another sub to get to 7.2.4.

So my question is: if I use a 3-channel amp to power the front stage, will the Denon be enough to power four surrounds (all towers) and four Atmos overheads while still having enough juice to do whatever other processing it needs with TV and such (honestly not sure if that requires any wattage from the avr)? All the Klipsch speakers I’m using are very efficient but I’m trying to find out if I move into a better, perhaps larger space, if I’ll have enough power without having to add more amplifiers (which I guess I could do down the road). Thanks so much for your thoughts and suggestions. I’m grateful!


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I think you should be good to power the 7.1 all from just the denon.  Start with that and see what volume you run at to be happy.  As a bench mark I am running a 7.1 with a denon s750h (your receiver is a lot nicer...) and rf-7s as my fronts- rarely am I above -15db...-20db fills a 1500sqft room in a nice way...


If you set it all up and are hanging around reference/0db consistently then think about a power or speaker upgrade, but I doubt you will...


It should easily handle powering just a portion of your setup- could  be fine for the whole thing if you hold of on a couple heights...If you go multi amp- I would put all the heights on another amp and run 7.2 from the denon- limited atmos content right now...

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I have used a Marantz SR7011, which is pretty similar to the 4500 to power a 5.2.4 system for years. Never felt like it was lacking or something.

It used to power this system:

RF25 fronts
RC35 center
RB61 rears
RB51x4 heights
R115SW dual subs

With the R115 taking care of the bass the Marantz had enough headroom to play loud.

I did always wonder if a poweramp could improve the sound quality. Because I wanted to use side surround and move to 7.2.4 I bought a Denon X8500, changed the LCR and added the sides and don’t feel to need to add a poweramp.

If you want to go beyond 9 channels you need an additional poweramp to power the extra channels.

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Thank you Kamidioblitz for your response! That's awesome that you were able to run a 7.2.4 without an external amp. Very cool. I'm a little confused as to how to interpret the power handling (continuous vs peak) specs. For example, does the 150 watts continuous and 600 watts peak (listed for the RP-8000F) mean that's what they need or what they can handle? Am I supposed to be aiming for 150 watts of output from an AVR/amp or is that number not terribly useful in real practice? Anyway, just thinking out loud. Not trying to grill you with questions. Thanks again for your response. :)

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The X4500 will power the RP8000f without a doubt. And when you eventually make the move to 7.1 and later on the Atmos speakers, my advice would be to buy a poweramp and power either the LCR or the entire base layer (7). Both will work just fine.

Another option would be to look for a 6500 which has 11 channels of build in amplification, then there is no need to buy a separate power amp. Off course, the initial purchase costs are higher. Just factor the price of a dedicated power amp in and see if a x6500 would fit the bill.

I would also try to listen to a 7.1.4 setup with wide dispersion side speaker, such as the RP502s, instead of an extra set of RP5000 speakers. I have two rows of seats, the front row is aligned with the side surround. Depending on where the main listening position is, those RP502S might sound much better.

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