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For TECH TYPE Quicksilver monos SOLD

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I have a pair of quicksilver Horn Mono amps 25 wpc designed for use on horn systems DEAD quiet when working properly. I had the Left channel get noisy so I dis connected the amps took a look and found A cap leaking Electrolytics on the still quiet amp (Go Figure) the cap is a 47uf 500 Volt. In the noisy amp I replaced the cap with a German Made F & T I got from Tube Depot. This did not solve the noise (Damn it).  There are no techs near me and I do not want to deal with the expense of shipping across the country to Mike Sanders (2 times)


So here it is the amps were working perfect when the left one started making noise, No fuses blew, no smoke or anything like that. I can not believe it will be a terribly difficult repair. The amps do not have a huge amount of parts and the design leaves a lot of space for testing and repairs. See the included pic of the guts


When I bought the caps I got spares I am including those in the sale. AMPS are being Bought AS IS, NO RETURNS, NO BI^%$ING. I have double what I am asking into these I think 500 is fair but I will listen to offers.  These are the Chrome amps and the chrome is in very good (not perfect) shape supremely presentable, Consecutive serial numbers 053 & 054

You will get a full set of tubes as well which included 1 quad of JJ EL34 and 1 pair of EH 12dw7 (thats enough tubes for both amps) amps are auto bias


Link to Manufacturers info:  http://quicksilveraudio.com/products/horn-mono-amp/



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