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OEM Klipsch crossover parts, caps, coils


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For those of you that prefer original parts, here you go.  All have been tested both in circuit and out.  Not the prettiest parts in the world, and I would just like to move these out of my meager workspace.  Just a few bucks more than shipping cost.    Please refer to the file name and/or blue tape for values.  Caps are as follows:  (31) 2uf caps, (2) 4uf caps, (2) 3uf caps, (2) 20uf caps, (3) 13uf caps.  Please PM with interest.

2.5mh coils 2.jpg

2.5mh coils.jpg

125uh coils 2.jpg

125uh coils.jpg

500uh coils.jpg



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