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Bob Crites RIP

YK Thom

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To Bob's family, and the Klipsch community this is a sad loss. Bob and his family helped many on this forum and others that only browsed... Bob expanded the Klipsch brand more then some may know. He was an inventor....and an innovator.... pushed the boundaries... My best to his family! I think the forum should be shut down for a period of time just in honor of him.

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I remember Bob and his son Michael from a 2009 get-together in Hope.  I enjoyed both of their down-to-earth views and quiet demeanors.  I will miss Bob greatly. 


Kindest regards to the family at this difficult time, Michael.



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Sad news indeed. Great guy. He got tired of the storm and fury of the technical debates in 2 Channel and Technical, which were sometimes directed his way,  and basically stopped posting here while still offering great products and excellent service.


Good people all the way. He will be missed. My condolences to all of his family and friends.

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The man was an unofficial champion and ambassador of the brand and its legendary designs. I'm sure there may be some corporate types who thought he was undermining them, but this was not the case. His passion led him to to develop a Klipsch restoration cottage industry for loyal lovers of the brand. He took it so far as to develop the Cornscala - a project that many had thought or mused about  over the years. What if we could combine...He actually did it and answered the question.

His name will be remembered for years to come and will always be tied to Klipsch by those who knew either his work, his motivations, his company and the man himself.

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