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Few bits and pieces for sale / trade


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SOLD---1st---1 Pair of Crites CT 125 tweeters like new work perfectly can send pics of measurements to serious interests, but they measure 7.3 and 7.2 resistance on my fluke meter Take the pair for 125.00 shipping included to you via USPS medium Flat Rate SOLD


PENDING2nd---A Heathkit model IT-21 tube tester everything works it will test triode power tubes as well as 7,9 pins, and octals + (Look it up) Its not a tester to use for selling tubes but if you want a decent tester for personal use to see if a tube is bad or weak it does the job. I have used it on and off for a couple years with no issues. The roll chart works and it comes with another book with tube data testing settings etc... It aint pretty but it does the job. 50.00 plus shippingPENDING


3rd---1 pair of Klipsch Type B crossovers with upgraded clarity caps and an Erse 2.5mH woofer inductor. They were used in a pair of super heresy 100.00 plus shipping


SOLD    4th---1 Pair of klipsch copper laser etch badges 25.00 to your door via priority mail    SOLD


SOLD---5th---1 pair of very nice Klipsch Heresy 1,  Black grills, no snags etc...free if you buy something else You cover shipping & Materials SOLD


6th---1 Nakamichi RX202 Cassette Deck fully operational serviced with new belts and idler wheel (Have receipt for service) 325.00 plus shipping


SOLD---7th---1 pair of K-700 Horns heavy cast type Free with purchase of something else, You cover shipping and materials SOLD


I will consider trades for good power tubes like EL34, KT88, KT66, or 6L6, Also would consider 12a_7 Tubes. If you want pics PM me your email and I can get those to you



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