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I Want to Drink Here

Travis In Austin

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Ran into this, Patachou, Inc., based in Indy, about 5 or 6 restaurants, some with Klipsch Heritage speakers, reel to reel players, and:


In normal times, Bar One Fourteen offers bespoke cocktails and elevated bar fare. Equipped with an elite audio system that features Klipsch Forte speakers, a vintage reel-to-reel tape player, and vinyl turntable, Bar One Fourteen provides guests an unparalleled listening experience in an environment like no other. 

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Such dining and listening rooms are a great idea! I am convinced that there will soon be something like this in our country. It is a new trend that somehow reminds of the clubs of the 19th century in the UK...if today it is also possible without membership and entrance examination.

But it reflects the desire for a kind of half private and half public feel-good oasis in a mixture of protected zone and luxurious environment. Maybe I should open such a place as a soon retired...Then I can hear my Jubilees always further and can share my joy.

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Thirty years ago I wanted to do this and people thought I was insane.  What a nice way to decompress after a long week and the food takes it to another level.  Simple.  Yes, I even have a phase 2 in place, which would make it even better for people and make that cash register really sing.  Raping wallets is my forte when it comes to business!  😂   :)

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