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artto's Klipschorn Room


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This is the same view again but the vertical scale has been expanded to maximum. You can finally see the sound level picked up by the microphone in the room. Again notice the vertical db scale on the left.



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Same view as the previous screen shot but I've reduced the horizontal scale to the default setting of 1:4096. Here you can better see where the lightening strikes sound levels are compared to the ambient room noise.

Stay tuned, I'll be posting more later ~ showing detailed spectrum analysis of the same.



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Here is the download link for “The Klipsch Audio Papers”. This includes much more than just the Audio Papers compiled by Paul Klipsch. There are magazine article interviews and reviews, the Dope From Hope series of dealer newsletters, and even a plan layout of PWK’s living room in his second home, personally hand drawn by PWK himself (from personal correspondence).

All of these are from my personal collection. In 2003 I made about 25 copies for interested Forum members. Later Forum member Justin_tx_16 ( Justin@soundwise.org ) kindly scanned these documents to .PDF and has been hosting it on his server. Bob Crites will also be hosting this.


You are welcome to copy these as you please EXCEPT that this may not be used FOR SALE OR PROFIT.
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Hey Art, have you done any ETC measurements of your room? I don't think your noise plots quite capture just how quiet your room is. You gotta experience it to fully appreciate it....it's the good natural kind of quiet, not the unnatural over absorbed room kind. [Y]

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Hi Artto,
I have enjoyed pictures of, and text about, your room as it evolved over the years, from the time Craig Stark's article about it appeared in Stereo Review in about 1984. Thanks!
Please ignore the earlier version of this post if you saw it; I no longer need PWK's sketch in a link of its own. I merely needed to update my Adobe to make your link work for me ....
What a gold mine this link is! Thanks again!
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Wow Artto. I don't think I've seen this before. That is one incredible room and very nice looking too. I hope you can get some really nice photos some day and even more I hope I can experience it some day. Excellent information with principles that could be applied I thnik even to more of a living room listening environment. My wife even thought the walls looked pretty cool with the curved panes. Totaly excellent awe inspiring work.

P.S. Thanks for the vinyl you contributed that JamesV hauled down to Pilgrimage 2008. My daughter and myself scored a few very nice albums.

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Hey all, nice room, obviously!

But this makes me think of what all we did when building Paladine Studios in the basement of the Savoie bldg. in the Minneapolis warehouse district. We swiped a set of plans for the paisley park studios recording studios (sorry Prince!) and laid sand over the floor, plywood over that, built channels in the plywood, sand over that, air channels in the floor, more sand, it's hard to explain it even.

But since you folks are interested, I might be able to make a set of those plans available in Minneapolis area, if anyone cares. But we ended up with a hell of a studio, we used airport glass (3-4"thick!) between the control room and whoever was being recorded. It was all very nice and high end. Unfortunately, paladine audio group went out of business, I have no idea what the Savoie did with the space in the basement...

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laid sand over the floor, plywood over that, built channels in the plywood, sand over that, air channels in the floor, more sand

I have no idea what the Savoie did with the space in the basement

Turned it into a day care center and let the kids loose in the sandbox?


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I finally got around to measuring the frequency response of my new
subwoofers, which as many of you already know, I decided on a quad of
Epik Empire. I'm not much of a Home Theater buff so I can only comment
from a musical point of view.

At first I was very impressed with
the sound but as usual, after you give it some time and additional
critical listening to a variety of material I began to realize that this
would not be simply plug and play.

The first thing that became
apparent was the upper frequency range of the subs. These subs actually
have pretty good response extending well up above 120Hz. This created
interference with the Khorns so the first thing I did was try to cut out
all the "higher" subwoofer frequencies. The Epik Empire's lowest
crossover frequency is 40Hz @ 12dB/octave which just didn't do the job. I
finally decided to use a Behringer DEQ2496 with its multiple filter
types to knock off as much as I could above 40Hz and also for flattening
the Empire's response down to 16Hz. The time delay on the Behringer
also was handy to get the subs time aligned with the Khorns. Later I
also bought a second Behringer DEQ2496 to use on the Belle center
speaker to time delay it so it matched up with the Khorn's midrange
driver and use the graphic EQ to cutoff everything below 50Hz on the

I must admit even I'm impressed with the results. The
system really sounds absolutely awesome. Even my wife said the same
thing. And my niece and her husband, both in the music biz (she trained
in opera at DePaul and later switched to audio technology) said it
sounds "amazing". It's only another 16 notes or so but it really adds
another dimension to anything that has information down there.

moved the outside subs a little farther apart than what the original
picture shows - probably not noticable in pictures like this anyway,
just a few inches.


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This is the initial frequency response of the subwoofers, no EQ, just their internal crossover set to 40Hz @ 12dB/octave.


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