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Klipsch RP150M modify crossover

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Hello Klipsch forum.

I'm thinking of upgrading the components in the crossovers in my RP-150M speakers, since they look a bit cheap.

See attached pictures.

The components I want to change is the capacitors and the resistors. 

The resistor to the tweeter/horn has a value of 11 Ohm, 10 W, and the capacitor is a 3,9 uF, 100V (both in series and the coil in paralel).

To the woofer, the capacitor has a value of 36 uF, 150V (in paralel with the coil).

I'll keep the coils for now.

I'm limited to available components in Norway (from Jantzen: Cross Caps and Superes resistors).

What do you think, should I change the resistors and the capacitors?


It will be the following components:

Superes 1,00 Ohm and 10,0 Ohm (in series), 10 W, 1% resistors

Jantzen Cross Cap 3,9 uF 400VDC 5% and Jantzen Cross Cap 36,00 uF 400VDC 5%






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