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Floor Mounted Speaker Stands for Surrounds


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Good Day all to you Audioholics....


Looking to build a suitable stand for my literally brand new RS-7's.  I made some for my previous surrounds but when I got my RS-3's, they were undersized and I would find them the ground after the cats were horsing around the house. My wife bought me some metal stands for the RS-3's so those now secured. I was thinking having some metal stands for the RS-7's out of 3/16" thick wall 3" square tubing from a local metal fab friend of mine but not sure if the cost of the material will be more than going with some 2X12's for base and top with some 2X6's for the uprights. No way to mount them on the wall based upon my room configuration or should I say I could but I could just imagine my gang of six cats wanting to kick back on top of them. 


What have you done for surrounds & rears as far as stands goes?  Do you have any pics to share with me ?


On a side note, as I was driving into the office this morning over these iced over roads in West Texas, since I plan on placing the rears directly behind in the middle of the sofa seating areas, if I laid the rears on their backs with the sound radiating upwards, would I be out of mind for thinking this idea ? 🤪

Metal Speaker Stand.jpg


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