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I know that there's a what Blu Ray have you watched but thought this needed its own thread.  The movie was great and the LFE was outstanding.  My IB hasn't had a work-out like that in quite some time.  The surround effects were well done also.  If you have a big capable sub you should check it out.

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26 minutes ago, dtr20 said:

I second this! It gave my new SVS SB-16 Ultra a big time workout. Thank you @CECAA850 for recommending this movie! I ordered it shortly after I read this post. It's a very intense movie, but really good. Different take on a natural disaster movie.

We enjoyed it.  Glad you liked it too.

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39 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Isn't Greenland ice and Iceland green 😎

@Ceptorman, I saw something on Discovery + the other day that brought up your quote exactly.   I believe it was a Viking documentary with Josh Yates.  The reason it was called Greenland is they wanted people to move there and were trying to infer it was green with vegetation to encourage people to populate it.  Guess those that went were pi**ed when they arrived.... back then it was probably harder to get back from where you came from.

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