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RP-8060FA crossover frequency

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I don't understand why the crossover frequency of the RP-8060FA is higher (1750Hz) then the crossover frequency of the very small RP-400M (1500Hz).

It seems counterintuitive.

Any idea's ?







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The only reason I can think of is Power handling, the RP-8060FA is 150/600 Watt, the RP-400M only 50/200 Watt.

By putting the crossover frequency a little higher in the RP-8060FA the tweeter of can handle the higher power requirements.


Edit: on top of that the sensitivity of the RP-400M is 5dB lower so the crossover of the tweeter can be lowered without (much) risk on damage due to excessive power  to- and excursion of the diaphragm.


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