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KV4, damaged! Need help! Possibly WTB: 90°x60° Tractrix Horn (From KV4|maybe Epic CF1|2??)


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Hoping you guys can help out on an issue here...

So, upon receiving my much-anticipated KV4 from UPS, I found they damaged it. The horn is cracked and the diaphragm/ tweeter is cracked off the horn and loose in the cabinet. I've already started a claim but I'm already preparing for a garbage outcome. 

From the research I did, these Tractrix horns are in quite a few speakers, but vary in detail and size. The KV4 has an opening with a mesh grille proud of the tweeter as found in the CF line. KLF 10 and 20 have a type of directional "reticle" if you will, built in. KLF 30 a clear hole with no mesh, but I'm thinking the KLF 30's is too big. So I'm thinking for a direct replacement it'd have to be from possibly a CF1 or CF2, or obviously from another KV4. Or... this same size horn with an open hole and re-using the mesh?


Any help or leads is much appreciated...

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1 hour ago, billybob said:

Cannot remember now what we found the other week. One inch or 2 inch tweeter.

2in. The driver’s positive post is damaged but confirmed functional. I believe a dollop of solder reconnecting the post and spade simultaneously would do the trick. 

Further inspection revealed XO damage from the heavy driver flying around inside. The little wire I’m sure was connected to that black module. And some of the sheathing was smashed open on several of the wires. This could maybe be fixed by Crites perhaps. There also is a CF2 XO for sale that is a direct replacement. Correct me if I’m wrong as maybe the tuning was different? They both look identical and the KV4 XO actually says Epic CF2 on it. 

Then there’s the actual horn—destroyed. This would have to be outright replaced as it’s beyond repair. 

Let’s not forget the aesthetic slap to the face of the enclosure itself. 






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Good for the driver then and would be nice to have the XO 

in working order. Electric tape 

for the cuts examine for damage.

Solder connect s. Sounds like cf speaker would exchange/ XO

Scratch touch-up.

Can always come back later inside if wanted.

Is there any more external damage than the one pic?

Black can be good in low light.


Yes 2 inches, and horn needed.








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Yeah ultimately if I can source this horn and if it’s indeed the same size as the CF2, I might be in luck. In the end the only thing that would remain to remind of the travesty is that crack on the top of the bezel. I found the little chip off the corner and can glue it back on to look pretty seamless. 

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10 hours ago, Micklipsch said:

Yeah ultimately if I can source this horn and if it’s indeed the same size as the CF2, I might be in luck.

The horn is the same in the KV-4, CF-2, KLF 20 and KLF 30. The CF-1 and KLF-10 use a bolt on 1" driver so not the same.

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On 2/18/2021 at 1:29 AM, Micklipsch said:

That’s hilarious. I literally just found and messaged this guy. You and I must’ve seen at the same time. 

I’m sure it’s gone with the wind, being a year old listing but we’ll see!

Did you get it?  It is marked as sold now.

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