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FS in Tucson AZ: 12" ferrite full-range in AN 2.8s


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Now retired from teaching, I am in the position where a little extra $$$ would be helpful.  I am thus going to sell some of the audio all-sorts and tidbits I've acquired over the years.  I have a pair of Audio Nirvana 'Classic' (ferrite-magnet) drivers, for all intents and purposes still new and not yet fully broken-in, housed in a (very near mint) pair of factory-built and finished Audio Nirvana  2.8 bass reflex cabinets.  I am not intending to provide long-winded description of full-range driver technology and application, and this listing is intended primarily for those to whom this kind of transducer is already familiar.  They are Lowther-like (for those of you who speak Lowther) in speed and transparency, but with arguably better low-end response by way of a single large port in the front.


I was going to list them locally on CL, but have just had too many really unpleasant audio transactions that route.


I will NOT consider shipping them.


For an extra $50, I WILL deliver to a preferred public location (such as near one of those ludicrously expensive coffee places; Whole Foods or Home Depot parking lot, etc.) during daylight hours (ONLY), and a 1 hour's drive North, South, East, or West of Tucson.  Local delivery (Tucson, Oro Valley) is of course free.  


Brand new in box Audio Nirvana 12" Classic cone (does not need or use a whizzer) ferrite motor drivers sell for just a bit under $500.  The primary difference between the AN drivers with whizzers and those without (called the 'Classic' series) is that the whizzer will provide generally better off-axis HF response/transient speed.   The Classic drivers have equally good HF reproduction, but slightly narrower propagation.


The 2.8 cabinet is roughly 36" (tall) X 14" (wide) X 12" (deep). They are extremely well-built (easily 9.5 out of 10 cosmetics) and stained a sort of reddish oak or walnut (I know, lousy description).

Yes, I know pictures help (gosh, really!?).  

I know for a fact that some of you are already familiar with both the drivers and the cabinets that enclose them.  The sides and tops do not intersect at 90 degrees, but are rather formed by approx. 3/4" quarter-round hardwood moulding, stained the same color as the cabinet.  Grille frames are VERY well-made, and are covered with black, acoustically transparent cloth.  They are attached to the front baffle via enormous rusty machine screws and old nails.  (...that's a joke, son).


I also used the speakers very, very satisfactorily with the highly efficient Fostex T90a top-of-cabinet-mounted super tweeter that (MUST) use a small film cap in series with it.  If you want the super tweeters just for looks (and I personally think they look kind of cool), leave the filter out, and play your favorite bass food really loudly.  That will quiet them instantly (joke Part II).  Last I checked (about two minutes ago) Madison lists the T90a for $215 (each)


Cabinets and AN 12" drivers only:  $400

The above plus the pair of Fostex tweeters: $500 (I'm sure I also have a couple of new film caps of suitable value, and those will be free).  If your interested in arguing about something as stupid and mundane (in my not very humble opinion) as brands and types of capacitors, I beg, on hands and knees, to be left out of it.

All of the above plus delivery within an hour's drive:  $550


CASH (I will also accept the equivalent of your choice of the above in the form of ancient Roman sesterces.


And so, as I look at the above, I wasn't, as usual, able to avoid long-winded description.  Figures.  If you check some of the ancient posts I left here (14,000 plus before I changed my last name to 2A3), search my old avatar that started back in 2002, I think it was:  Erik Mandaville.  He and I are one and the same.












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I need the cash.  $250 for a complete set of speakers of this quality is...just plain dumb (ON MY PART!)


Please don't ask me to sell you the tweeters separately for $50 each.  They are also not included in the above, but I will include them for $350 total.


I have also used the same Fostex on top of our La Scalas for a little extra air and space.   They are easily efficient enough to complement the big Heritage speakers.

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Nice Erik, Alas I doubt a trip from NC to AZ is in the cards.  As FR Drivers go the AN have a huge following I tried them myself some time ago before going Open Baffle. At your price this is a no brainer.  If you were closer They would be sold (story of my audio life)


Good luck with the sale Erik 

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You are always one of the kind folk here -- thanks for some kind words and positive response.  If you were nearby, I'd just give them to you....seriously.  We desperately need some extra space -- and we have a new child on the way.  Already named him 'Henry,' actually!  Kind of a neat name for another Labrador retriever pup! :)


Now that I've said, If some decent guy or gal in Tucson or Oro Valley would like them.  They are yours -- for free.  Super Tweeters stay.....they were mainly used to help generate a bit more interest.


Something has to go -- and I never have regrets giving away to the right home.  PLEASE will somebody nearby adopt them?  They're really a very beautiful sounding (and not bad looking!) pair of loudspeakers.  The AN drivers are outstandingly well made; nice cast (rather than stamped) baskets, etc., etc., etc.


Audio, amplifier building, and istening to music are great joys to me.  I'll give them away to someone who'll take care of them.  It's happened before where I did something like this, and the person just turned around and sold them at a very significant profit.  I really wish that wouldn't happen with these.


Finders keepers, first come first serve, and so on.  They're a heck of a lot of fun!






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Hey again, Joessportster,


If you would be willing to pay for materials to pack safely and ship,  I will send them to you.  I'd need a little time to do this -- heavy stuff is awkward for me after 7 back surgeries, but I'm still strong with lots of will power! ;)  erik

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For those in the Tucson/Oro Valley AZ areas,  I will be donating these speakers to that place.....Golden Duck, Silver Goose, Bronze Finch...whatever it's called (Golden Goose, maybe!) on Oracle up near SaddleBrooke.  Once there, they will no longer be available for free, but the price tag will be very low nevertheless. 

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40 minutes ago, Ceptorman said:

Very generous offer, surely someone wants some nice looking speakers! 

@grasshopper how far are you away?


Depending on where in Tucson...60 -70 miles....

As much as I would like to give them a new home... I am quite satisfied with what I have... speaker wise. 

However.... if they need to be stashed for @joessportster, I can do that.

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Definitely a tardy reply here on my part.  Apologies...other things going on just had to take priority.  But absolutely, if you would like to use them for a bit, that would be fine.  If you would like to box them up and ship to Joe, which I'm sure you'd just love to do (of course I'm kidding...or maybe I'm not!) ;) :) that would be an incredible help to me.  Send me a PM, and I'm happy to deliver (we're near Oro Valley).

erik m.

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I'm very likely going to also put our very nice pair of La Scalas (consec. cereal numbers) up FS here in the next few days.  Obviously also for local interest in Tucson and/or Phoenix.  And, like the Audio Nirvanas above, will also deliver within an hour's drive or so... 


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