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FS: Lot of nine NOS Klipsch Icon W speakers for $1250 in Cincinnati / Dayton, OH


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For sale is a lot of espresso Klipsch Icon W speakers (3x WF-35, 3x WS-24, 3x WC-24) in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio area.


I'm asking $1250 for the set.  I bought them new from Newegg and they've been in storage ever since.  All nine speakers are new and unused.  I opened the towers when they arrived to make sure there wasn't any shipping damage but other than that they've been in storage. Obviously they're still in new condition, both cosmetically and performance-wise.  They have no dings, scrapes, scratches, or any other signs of use.


For those who are unfamiliar, these are probably the most nicely-finished speakers Klipsch has made other than the Palladiums.  They have real wood veneers with seamless radiused corners and edges  and are very, very dark brown...almost black.  Needless to say, they're probably among a select few speakers with a very high WAF.


Also, the horns in these speakers are round, meaning you could use the centers oriented vertically or horizontally; in other words, as LCRs or surrounds if you're so inclined.  This lot would enable you to build a 5.x.2 or 7.x speaker layout while leaving two speakers as spares!


Unfortunately I won't these sell these individually - given the price I'm selling them for, if you only need five speakers, consider it as getting an extra four speakers for free.


Needless to say these are for local sale only.  The total cost of shipping each of these boxes individually would probably exceed their selling price.


Please PM if you're interested.  Also, it's a cash or PayPal + 3% sale only.  Thanks for looking!





Klipsch Icon W.jpeg





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On 3/8/2021 at 4:42 AM, willland said:

That is a crazy good price for all listed.

Wow, wow, wow.


These are still available 2 weeks after posting?



Yes, they're still available.


On 3/10/2021 at 7:14 AM, A1UC said:

PM me if you want to try and work something out and I’ll send you labels for shipping

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Sorry about not replying sooner - for some reason I'm not getting notifications when there are new posts.

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19 hours ago, sixspeed said:

Those are beautiful. Never heard of the Icon series.


Wish Klipsch would at least consider offering black/grey woofer cones as an option; they look much more elegant and a bit less "bling" lol.




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