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Replacing Diaphragms on KLF30's

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phenolic diaphragms are warm rich/smooth and creamy sounding, titanium diaphragms are more detailed smoother in overall response a little more extended in the top end they are more dynamic resolution is better. you should really listen to both and make your own decision, though few are disappointed all the new Klipsch use ti diaphragms. No one can tell you what you will like. If you like any new Klipsch then you will like the ti tweeters and mids in your KLF30 especially the ti mid diaphragms available only from Simply speakers these are original factory parts. Hope this helps.

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the klipsch KLF -30 tweeter  driver and diaphragms whether phenolic or Titanium that are made by klipsch ,  have  unique design features  , but I doubt that these parts  are sold or available from  anywhere else than  through klipsch  at the present time-


if you find a pair of Klipsch  titanium tweeter diaphragms for the KLF-30   , buy them  ASAP --  these are very rare parts to come by as of lately due to the Higher Quality that is shared with the Klipsch Pro series -

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42 minutes ago, Little Wolf said:

In your opinion new diaphragms require some break-in period?


opinions differ greatly on this subject... but heres what mr crites says about break in for tweeters & other drivers.  & after all they are his tweeters so he probably knows best. 


Q:  How about break in time for drivers or new driver diaphragms?

A:  Yes, and depends on the size of the driver.  Tweeter diaphragm probably break-in at a matter of seconds.  They are very low mass and move very little, so any break in would happen almost instantly.  Probably happened when the factory tested the diaphragm after manufacture.

Midrange are a bit bigger and have a bit more mass.  Break-in is probably on the order of minutes with these.

Woofers would take the longest.  I think that break-in on a 12 to 15 inch woofer would be less than an hour played at pretty good volume using music with a lot of low frequency content.  

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