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A bit of a rhetorical question...


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in general, I'd say it's fair to say that we're all after good sound.  That might mean shaking the foundation for some....  and it might be angels singing for another.


Got me thinking....  why not simply use headphones so you can get all the focus & dimension you might want....  and in ADDITION to the headphones, add in a subwoofer for the more visceral impact.  Might sound loony while in the room with the boom boom boom..... but I recall once when I (quite by accident) accomplished this.


It was pre-Klipsch, probably 1978....and I had my EV Interface D's in my bedroom connected to a 100 watt Yamaha receiver, subharmonic synthesizer and 3bx.  I put my headphones on so I could crank it up a bit and not bother anyone....  turned it up and just LOVED how good the sound was and in addition, how it was actually vibrating the bed....  DANG, these are fantastic headphones.....


Then of course, my mother barged in red faced, screaming as loud as she could to over come the Ev's which were blasting away (unknown to me) to TURN THAT DOWNNNNNN


Oops....  It really was an honest mistake as that is exactly why I put the headphones on....to protect the sound from going out of my room.


None the less.... I had the headphone experience while at the same time, the visceral impact of the EV's pounding away.  It just struck me as maybe a nice combo for those who are IN the headphone listening zone.  (I realize it won't sound very good to those only hearing the bass line)


Thoughts?! (other than it's a loony idea) 


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I guess it could work. But as you stated, most of the time people wear the dang things so they don't upset someone else's apple cart. So you defeat the purpose of not impacting others with the sub blasting away.


For me, I enjoy the detail and nuance that good headphones bring to the party. But they are uncomfortable after a short period and I don't like the way they image in my head. I will only use them if there are no other options, like on a plane or traveling on vacation.



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I have a pair of Klipsch HP 3 and I love them.  Sometimes it is a good change of pace to fire them up every now and then.  Also have a pair of Grado RS2e and enjoy them as well. 

But as Shakey mentioned it’s not very comfortable for extended listening....but  it’s nice to be able to “disconnect “ and block out the outside world for a while.   


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Not crazy about headphones instead of speakers either but they do give a little more of a controlled sound by removing the room. Instead of a sub for that visceral feeling one could always use some bass shakers on a recliner or sofa so you get the vibration and not as much as a sound in the room.


When I shut down the stereo i start with the amps with the sub amp almost last, no speakers and just the sub sounds really strange, makes you realize the sub is not putting out as much as you would think when listening to music, except when played pretty loud.  

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I use all... headphones, earbuds and floor standers.

WHATEVER the technical reasons are, no one cares, the floor standing speakers are by far the best, and I am closer to the top with headphones than I am with floor standing speakers.

I love them all.

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45 minutes ago, babadono said:

Hmmmm... never tried it. But you have hit the nail on the head of why headphone listening is not my cup of tea. Headphones are NOT LOUDSPEAKERS.


Doesn't / Didn't Stax call their EAR speakers??



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“What you got back home, little sister, to play your fuzzy warbles on? I bet you got little save pitiful, portable picnic players. Come with uncle and Hear all proper! Hear angel trumpets and devil trombones. You are invited.”
Malcom McDowell - Alex (A Clockwork Orange)

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Headphones are hard to beat

All but dead, the I-pad and I-Phones etc brought them back big time

They also brought Stereo, Record Players, Records and Big Speakers out of Zombie Land, where they had been for 20 years

The $2 ear bud crowd as they got some money drove a renaissance in headphones that has far surpassed the 1980s, Headphones have never been this good with so many choices.


I listen to music while cooking in the evening, and the over the ear slings are impractical in the kitchen and reduce situational awareness when I have 3-4 burners going and maybe an oven....


A good pre-amp with a good set of headphones is hard to beat for quality and detail compared to any system at any price.


For sharing common spaces with the family etc, closed cans are the way to go. Same goes for evening when others are doing the homework, on the phone, trying to go to sleep etc.



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