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Forte 3 upgrades


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i did a quick search to see if this had been posted before & didnt see anything, also dont recall seeing any recent threads on it but i apologize if its been discussed before... also wasnt sure where to post it so i posted in 2 places,  please delete one of them if thats not acceptable.  


i came across a post on another audio forum that details a pretty drastic modification of the forte 3 by a couple members that are pretty well known audio DIY'ers.  it says the upgrade kit will be offered for sale,  anyone here done this upgrade to your forte 3's or have seen the thread before?  they do a lot of the standard mods like bracing & damping horns & woofer baskets etc & said the results show up in measurements as well as their reviews of the before/after   


the other thing i found interesting is to read all the non klipsch peoples comments on klipsch speakers but more so the build quality of the fortes,  one thing that was mentioned a few times is what i just mentioned on a recent bracing thread here... for the price of $3-$4 grand youd think they could add a couple dollars worth of wood braces.  anyways, its a long thread but lots of good pics of the mods & comments on the results. 



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Only issue I had with them was coming from Heresy IIs I had since 1990. The better bass in the F3s caused me to want/need more of it.  Then I heard some pristine La Scala in a den with a thirty foot ceiling.

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I modified my Cornscalas and my Klipschorns. The Forte III was a little edgy sometimes on some material. If I had kept them longer I might have considered doing some mods, but only if I intended to keep them for the long haul. Otherwise, your resale value goes way down.


I don't feel any need to modify the Cornwall IV.



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I took some pictures of how the response curve of my old Forte III compared to my CW IV. This does not take into account if I had the speakers in the exact same location, they are set up in the same general location but maybe not pointed exactly the same so take this for nothing other than its something. The graph with the bigger dips and peaks is the Forte III.6c15b68241eb204b49e1e74a88e5bb3d.jpgadfa9c4a9233cc1f43eb6566e6ed3333.jpg

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