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History of these devices.  A client of mine, moved  and these sat in his basement, his wife decided she didnt want these big speakers out on the floor in the living room of the new house so they sat. She had noticed when her movers moved them, there were a few surface scratches, nothing too deep, and I think that made them buy new equipment.


 Then one day she said Just take those out of here, they have been in my garage since.  Here is what I have.


2x KLF 30 Mahogany

2x KLF C7 Mahogany

KLF 20 Mahogany


Parasound Model 2125

Panamax M4315 Pro

Marantz MM7055

Large Audio Rack 42U with Shelves


These are in Lexington, Kentucky, and as you can see too heavy to ship.


Pictures of Serial Numbers/Model Numbers upon Request.








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Seams to be a similar-named member on the forum, @jadams2ki, if that is not you, then welcome to the forum.


14 hours ago, JAdamsky said:

2x KLF 30 Mahogany

1x KLF C7 Mahogany

2x KLF 20 Mahogany

Could it be that you also have a pair of KLF-20s and a single KLF-C7?


Just asking so no one else gets confused.


11 hours ago, Fleawatt said:


Yes that would sure help.



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43 minutes ago, 314carpenter said:

The equipment here is very impressive.  Instant upgrade for anyone considering building a home theater system, or a multizone setup. Enough power there to make your utility company moan.

“She’s giving the Georgia Power a Merry Christmas.”

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