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** SOLD ** Belle Fastlane Eliptrac 400 top section/grill


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I have a pair of top sections (grills) for Belles using the Fastlane Audio Eliptrac 400 horn and a cutout for his tweeter (I DO NOT have the tweeters).  I picked these up from another forum member to put into a pair of Belles but my plans have changed so they are up for sale again.  They are in perfect condition.  Unfortunately I never installed/listened to them but have a similar setup in another set of speakers and they sound great (better than the original horns/drivers). 


The horns are glued into the frames so you can't easily remove them for another project.  It would take a router or the like to remove them.


$400 includes shipping & insurance to the lower 48 which is what I paid for them a few months ago.

Belle Fastlane Grills (1).jpg

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Looks likes a good deal indeed.  First post here, and probably a silly question, but would you sell the horn independent of the top section, I.e grill, cutout, etc. Thanks!

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Don't be shy!


Someone with Belle's must want to try this or another horn in place of the OEMs.  Now's your chance for a very reasonable price and you don't have to set them on top of the speaker wishing you could fit them in the original location for that factory look...

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Circumstances have prevented me from even connecting or listening to any of my 4 new (to me) pairs of speakers! I'm not ready financially or otherwise to experiment with any mods for any of my recent acquisitions. Otherwise ... well, I must be patient. I must be patient ... I must be patient ...

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