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Rest In Peace-Kirby Smith

dtel's wife

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Kirby and I PMed about family, speakers and motorcycles a few times. He used to have a BMW K75S and a KTM.  We finally met at one of the Klipsch Pilgrimages a few years ago. In one of our conversations, we revealed that each of us had a single LaScala, and that we both wanted a mating LaScala. He wouldn't let me buy his, and mine wasn't for sale either. Both of our speakers matched in that they both were sold with Roger organs, both had the screwed on tops for the amplifiers that would have been mounted under the tops. Here, mine was serving as a center, it was in great condition, there was no damage and looked like it lived in a church. Kirby didn't forget that I had the perfect mate for the one that he had, and he never gave up trying to buy it.    

In February of last year, he hit me up again for the LaScala. I hated to let it go, but the speakers belonged together. I told Kirby that I wanted to buy them both when he was finished using them. Kirby shipped the one I had from my house to Dave A's, and Dave was going to bring it to the SWAG. Close to the same time period, I found a Sansui AU-919 in Dallas, and Kirby grabbed it for me. Covid delayed the SWAG, so Kirby drove to Dave's to pick up the LaScala and he dropped off the 919. In June, Kirby let me know that he got the speaker home, recapped the AA network with Crites caps and was enjoying having a pair of LaScala.


@longdrive03 you do great work, those are beautiful. I'm not sure what LaScala you finished in Walnut. In April of last year, Kirby told me that a single LSI followed him home, it looks like he found another one. Post more pictures, please. 

Also, when you are talking with his family, please pass along that there might be some audio equipment at repair shop(s). He told me that he had a Rotel amp out for repairs at Fort Worth Audio. He might have picked it up already, but sometimes they stay at shops for a long time. 

Kirby, you were a good one. RIP




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On 3/22/2021 at 3:18 PM, longdrive03 said:

I was asked by a forum member to post pics of the LaScalas I was rehabbing for Kirby at the time of his passinger.  Here are a few pics of the LaScalas I have just about finished for Kirby.  His wife and sons with pick them up this week.  Pretty solemn build.






WOW! Capital letters intentional. Can you do mine?:)

And yea, I believe it were me that requested the pics.

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