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Anyone have experience with UPS packing service, or simular ?


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Yes I used them to pack out a couple or 3 packages about that size but if used, would talk to one packing and express your concerns. I knew the guy and watched. Even told him would spend a bit more for pack.

Stro peanuts out. Bubble wrap, yes 

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22 minutes ago, Jeeper said:

Looking to see what professional packaging service would be best to ship a Fisher 500-C.

I don't feel comfortable packing it myself, I want it to arrive safely.

Thanks for any advice, or tips.


Each store is independently owned and operated so packing experiences will vary widely from each location. See if you can talk with the owner and express concerns about sufficient packing / type of boxes and materials used otherwise some kid in the back is just going to throw into a box that's likely too big without adequate packing and it will get destroyed. Always always always fully insure and require a signature verification.

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I've used a couple of different UPS store locations. I usually pack stuff myself, but for really expensive stuff or large stuff that I don't have packaging for, I like to use them. I've had KG2.5 speakers packed and shipped successfully and a Harman kardon tube receiver shipped successfully from the same UPS store location.


I used a different UPS store location to pack and ship a McIntosh MC-2505 amp and that thing arrived smashed and shattered. I was heartbroken and the buyer was obviously upset as well. Because they packed and shipped it, they paid out the full insurance for it...eventually. Because it was insured for a hefty price tag, it took like 2 months to close the case with them. They ridiculously under packed this amp. 


I did learn from that experience, you need to tell them if you want the item to be double boxed and they'll charge you accordingly.

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