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A/D/S M3 vs. Velodyne SPL-12RBG pairing with Heresy

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These would be used with my Heresy Is. I listen to a lot of classic rock.


Specific to the A/D/S M3, does anyone have experience with the sub? There's not a ton of information about there. I've been able to find out that this a sealed cabinet design, so and the plate amp seems to be glued at the back, so opening up is going to be difficult. I know A/D/S made quality products back in the day, so I'm counting on that.

Online forums tell me the A/D/S is a 10" driver, but it dwarfs the Velodyne 12" right next to it, see picture. Could just be a large cabinet, but this thing pushes out serious air from the vents up front.


I have this and the Velodyne and they're both great. I find the bass on the A/D/S to be a little tighter and like that sound overall so I'll likely keep it and sell the Velo. Just wanted to know if anyone had heard the A/D/S sub before and their experiences with it.


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