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WTB nice cond. Chorus 2 or Cornwall 1’s. Cash and/or trade with Mcintosh 752


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I would really like to get a very nice pair of Chorus 2’s or Cornwall 1’s. I’ve got a nice set of original Zebrawood Forte’s, but I’m looking to add a pair of speakers that I can run a bit more power through (at times) without pushing the speakers past their limits. I’d rather purchase/trade from/with someone in this group, and I know from many comments on here that quite a few members have sets of these. I know that I’m not the only person on here expressing interest in obtaining Chorus 2’s or Cornwall 1’s, and cash hasn’t seemed to motivate much interest in owners offering to sell, so . . . I figured I would use a really nice McIntosh amp as additional bait. Have a minty vintage Mac752 amp, 75 watts per channelx2, checked out by one of the best vintage gear guys in Arkansas, sounds sweet, and was my daily user until a few months ago when I moved to a 2205 amp. Few 752 amps were made, so they don’t come up for sale very often (I think there is only one for sale in the entire country currently at Audioclassics for about $1k), it’s a very nice and reasonably unique piece of Mac gear. I’m willing to travel quite a ways (400 miles, more possibly) from Arkansas for the right deal. Wouldn’t be interested in black speakers or plain birch. BONUS points if you are willing to part with Chorus 2’s or Cornwall 1’s in Zebrawood to match my Fortes! Let me know if anyone is open to the Mac752 and/some cash in trade. Thanks. 



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