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Tax Time Improvements (coming from a 3.1, R/RP mix)


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Hello, and good morning!


With tax refund time upon us, and a new listening environment, I thought it might be time to either add or swap out a speaker or two.  


My LRs are RP-250F's, and I have a R25C center (which I'm increasingly sure aren't cutting it, but I don't know if that's them, or something I've done to them in the receiver?), with a R10SW.  The whole setup is powered by a Sony 1080.


I went into this thinking that I'd get an upgrade of the LR's and move the 250's to be surround.  But I've managed to overwhelm myself, and have entirely lost the plot.


I'd say, usage wise, it's about an even split between music listening, video games, and movies.


If you had, say, $500, what would you improve? $750?


Thanks so much everyone for the discussion.



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